The Amazing Properties of Magnesium Chloride for Body Health 

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride is a supplement with multiple health benefits of the body, valued for its ability to promote vitality, prevent disease and fight against premature aging. Magnesium is a very abundant mineral in nature and is estimated to participate in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the human body. Among its main benefits include theRead More


Tips for Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease

The cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. But what exactly are they? WHO (World Health Organization):  Cardiovascular diseases are a set of disorders of the heart and blood vessels. The risk of suffering them increases considerably with age and with unhealthy living habits, but 80 percent of these pathologies can be preventedRead More


Are 10000 steps a day enough to be in shape?

Surely at some point you have heard the recommendation given to the general population to walk at least 10000 steps a day. That said, suddenly, it may seem a lot, but the reality is that the equivalent distance, obviously depending on each person (especially the height of each person) are between seven and eight kilometers, which seemsRead More



healthy life

Morning is the best time in the whole day for exercises and meditation. Meditation is necessary for everyone’s life because it can improve the mental ability, and increases concentration level so that anyone can easily concentrate on any important thing. Morning time is calm and peaceful, and people should do their meditation in that timeRead More

Foods to avoid stress and anxiety


How to avoid anxiety with food? In a society where we live with stress are increasing cases of anxiety. To help you control no psychologists, medicines … but there are foods that help us avoid anxiety? In response to several questions that have come to us on this issue today in the House Nutritionist answerRead More