Solve in only one month with lemon, celery and green apple    

green apple

Take advantage of this time of season change and purify yourself with three medicinal foods that have the virtue of helping us to eliminate the toxins that accumulate in the body and that make us sick. Discover the virtues of lemon, celery, and green apple. We tell you how you can consume them to renewRead More


Benefits of Green Smoothing Purifiers

Green Smoothing Purifier

Thanks to the green shakes we will save work to our digestive system, which will take less time to process food and, in turn, facilitate its evacuation and prevent constipation. You’ve probably heard or read something about the milkshakes green, but you’ve never dared to take them. In this article, you will find some reasonsRead More


How to choose the right diet to lose weight

right diet to lose weight

Instead of calling it diet we could reconsider the possibility of maintaining those healthy habits and adopting them as a way of life. In this way, we will avoid sudden changes in weight. Given the number of new weight loss diets that constantly appear, it is difficult to determine which diet is adequate to meetRead More


Vegetarian Diet Weight Loss


The vegetarian diet provides many benefits to our body, is low in cholesterol, high in antioxidants and, if properly balanced can help us lose weight. Consider that just avoid eating animal foods is not always enough to lose weight, so planning a solution based on plant foods should be adequate to not only ensure weightRead More